Soul Retrieval

To understand Soul Retrieval, we first need to explore Soul Loss.  Soul loss occurs when we experience traumatic circumstances that we are not equipped to deal with in the moment and as a result, we may dissociate from parts of ourselves leaving us feeling like a part of us is missing, or feeling incomplete, lost, or broken.

The Soul Retrieval process is the seeking and recovery of all the defragmented/dissociated/lost parts of ones’ soul, which are always held in grace and often protected by a power animal until you call them back.

This is one of the first steps on your healing journey and you will have to be willing to look at yourself with new eyes, from a new perspective and as an embodiment of completion and wholeness.

Here are some signs to determine if you are experiencing Soul Loss and whether this process may be helpful for you:

  • You have a difficult time staying “present” in your body
  • You feel numb, apathetic, or deadened – no real emotional response
  • You have problems with your immune system and/or have trouble resisting illness
  • Childhood chronic illness
  • Memory gaps of your life (after age five) where you may have blocked out significant traumas in your life
  • Addictions (not limited to) alcohol, drugs, food, sex or gambling
  • Chronic depression
  • Find yourself looking to external things to fill up an internal void or emptiness
  • Have difficulty moving on with your life after a relationship breakdown or the death of a loved one

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