Misplaced energy is simply energy that does not belong in your body. It can be derived from dense emotions (such as fear, anger, hurt, grief, guilt, sadness) or negative beliefs (eg; I’m not good enough, nobody loves me, I can’t….). 

These can often can be associated with a sense of heaviness, rigidity, clouded or ‘doom & gloom’ outlook, feeling stuck, victim mentality, irrational fears, depression, or vivid bad dreams. If we choose not to deal with these emotions or beliefs as they arise, they can become stagnant within our energy body creating blockages. The longer we choose to ignore them, the more likelihood of them having an impact on our physical body, creating anything from minor discomfort (eg; muscle aches/twinges) to dis-ease (chronic health issues). 

The Extraction process removes misplaced energies and restores your sense of harmony, balance and fluidity, effectively lifting the veil so you can experience life on a deeper, more connected level.

If you are experiencing irrational fears, anxiety, nervousness, stuck like you can’t move forward, depressed, the extraction process may be just what you need.

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