Reiki Level 3

Reiki is a gentle, natural and powerful method of spiritual healing which works on the whole person including body, emotions, mind & spirit, creating many beneficial effects, enhancing the body’s natural healing ability.

During Reiki Level 3, you are gifted the remaining two Usui Reiki Symbols.  The Master Symbol which creates a greater channel between Personality and Soul, and the Grounding symbol, only ever used in attunements.

At the Master/Teacher level, you can activate and feel the vibration of the Master symbol, so to sit and meditate with it can bring great benefits.  This has a strong positive force and enters the consciousness directly, bringing light to the receiver.  This creates an effect on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, and the light can enter the darkest corners and loosen blockages on all planes.

With this level also comes an increasing need to heal one’s own issues – firstly so that their outward aspects do not bring disrespect to the spiritual practice of Reiki and, secondly, so that you may, with your new learnings, be empowered to use them as fully and as often as possible.

By healing yourself and working through previous limitations, patterns of suffering and inner conflict can be eased and worked through.

The clearer you are with your own emotional baggage, the clearer a channel you become.

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