Reiki Level 2

Reiki is a gentle, natural and powerful method of spiritual healing which works on the whole person including body, emotions, mind & spirit, creating many beneficial effects, enhancing the body’s natural healing ability.

In the second level of Reiki, three symbols are gifted which are tools you can use to enhance and expand your Reiki practice.  These three symbols will also help you to direct the energy of Reiki for more specific uses.

The first symbol is for physical healing, the second for emotional and mental healing, and the third is to send distant Reiki healing to persons, places, things, events, etc, at other locations.  You can also send Reiki to communities, hospitals, Mother Earth, or even world events.

You will also find yourself using Reiki more as a pathway of spiritual growth, as you continue to work on yourself and others and you will be able to use this energy in expanded ways as more options for healing become available to you.

After completing this level, some people feel an increase in power, or enhanced intuitive abilities.  Intuition will play a greater role in working with Reiki at this level, both in self-development and in giving a Reiki treatment.

Some of the benefits you may experience include (& not limited to):

  • Experiencing greater intimacy – with self, others, Reiki
  • Feeling more empowered or decisive
  • Feeling kinder and more empathic
  • Feeling more like yourself
  • Feeling more love for yourself
  • Feeling more in control of your life
  • Feeling more accepting of the shadow side of self

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